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What We Do

Robocars can work with your company to help plan out and execute a strategy around future transportation technologies. We can provide a fleet of branded autonomous vehicles - as a seamless extension of your traditional retail service. It's basically a store on wheels that drives itself around serving your customers. 


Maintain your branding across the entire user experience including the vehicle itself. Integrate with our API to leverage the power of our system within your existing apps and touch points.

Immediate Scale

You can deploy multiple vehicles and they’ll automatically work together. Easily scale up service volume and increase capacity on demand in any given area by adding more vehicles at any time. 

Lower Cost

Deploying mobile retail vehicles is significantly cheaper than adding new physical stores. Operate central distribution in industrial areas instead of expensive prime locations.

Happy Customers

Your customers will love new levels of convenience and reduced service times. You get to choose between lowering prices or increasing margins.

Our Platform

Robocars has combined leading-edge technologies to create intelligent applications for autonomous vehicles

Autonomous Vehicle

Our vehicles are electric and fully autonomous. They have been designed from the ground up for delivery efficiency, customer service and daily maintenance. They can interact with customers in person via touchpad or using facial recognition and a conversational interface.


Each vehicle is outfitted with internal robotics to ensure operations are accurate and fast. The industrial arm can be custom programmed to allow for many different types of applications and configurations.

Artificial Intelligence

Our machine learning algorithms predict optimal vehicle placement throughout the day to reduce customer wait times and increase service capacity per vehicle.

Integration API

Our robust API is straightforward and makes integration with existing systems very simple. It also ensures that your customers never have to leave your branded experience to receive service from the vehicles. 

Fleet Management

The command and control interface provides real-time tracking and job status for every vehicle in your fleet. It also gives operators complete control to manually intervene and override instructions at any time. 

Merchant Tools

The platform features a complete inventory management system that knows when vehicles should return to base to refill. A full suite of merchant reports and analytics is also available.


Our platform is ideal for businesses that grow or scale through either increasing their number of locations or increasing accessibility to their products through retail partners.

  • Retail Chains

    Not only is does our solution make shopping more convenient for your customers, it allows chains to service areas where a retail presence is cost prohibitive or ones that don’t justify a full retail presence.

    Our platform also gives you a cheaper and faster alternative to traditional shipping from online shopping orders by leveraging our vehicles and regional distribution centers.

  • Franchises

    Dynamic location franchises offer flexible capacity for a given service area and can solve the problem of territory disputes and forecasting service volume. 

    Adjustable territories and on-demand scaling allow franchisors to expand rapidly in high growth areas and maximize revenue in lucrative sectors.

  • Brands

    Brands that traditionally depended on 3rd party retail distribution can now go direct to consumer. Companies that may not have enough SKUs to justify their own brick and mortar retail presence will fit perfectly in their own vehicles and benefit immensely from increased brand awareness.

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