Our Vision

We’re currently witnessing amazing breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, robotics and data analysis as well as the proliferation of solar power, electric drivetrains and high speed cellular networks. These emerging trends create an environment where new innovative transportation applications are now possible.

Everything we know about transportation is about to change. The value of a vehicle is shifting from the nuts and bolts to the bits and bytes. Strategy Analytics predicted that new emerging applications and services for autonomous vehicles, not including passenger and freight transport, will develop into a $200B+ market.

We’re also seeing a fundamental shift on how people interact with retail. Online retailers like Amazon understand and harness the power of distribution and customer convenience. These benefits have also powered the rise of numerous delivery startups especially with regards to food. We believe that this is just the beginning.

Today, consumers have to choose between going to a physical location which may be far away or a hassle, or to shop online and wait a week to receive their purchase unless they pay high shipping charges for faster service. This solution offers an alternative. Purchase online and if it’s in stock in the vicinity or possibly in-vehicle, it can be delivered the same day, and in many cases within the hour.

Major shifts from brick and mortar to websites to apps to voice assistants have all been powered by new technologies. We’re putting the power back into the hands of traditional retailers and bringing them the latest in distribution technology to better serve their customers and increase their bottom line.